Frank Mitchell, Copywriter

Dallas, TX, USA

What is Direct Response Marketing?

The traditional direct response letter comes by the postal service. It might have a message on the envelope to rouse your curiosity about what's inside. 

The letter inside tells you why you should buy a product or service. You'll also find an order form so that you can get the product or service.

A lot of readers send these straight to the trash, because they can't hold the reader's attention. Yet, they must work, because big companies still use them.

The online sales letter is the same thing, except it's on the web. You click on an ad or a link in an email, and boom - You're on a sales landing page. But a lot of the content fails to keep the reader's interest, and he or she surfs to someplace else.

AWAI Trained and Verified Copywriter

Direct Response Letters That Work

But you don't want to waste money sending out tons of letters that might get a response. You want your advertising dollar to work for you. That's why you need direct response copy that works.

I write using proven techniques to get the reader's attention and keep it, getting a higher response rate.

Essensials for Your Direct Response Letter

Headline. A unique, attention-getting headline that makes a big promise.

A Message That Focuses on Your Customer. A one-on-one conversation with your prospect. You reach the reader with a story, a testimonial, or getting the reader to picture his or her life with your product or service.

Scannable Format. People are really busy, and they don't want to read everything that's put in front of them. You have to give the reader a look at what's in there and why he or she should read it now.

Call to Action. Your goal is to convert your prospect into a paying customer, right? So you surely want to urge your customer to take action - buy a product, sign up for a membership, download an ebook, get your free newletter ... depends on your goal.