Frank Mitchell, Copywriter

Burleson, TX, USA

Frank Mitchell, Copywriter

Burleson, TX, USA

Super Smoothies, Super Fast, Super Easy…

Copywriting Sample: Smoothie Blender


Uses less counter space

Easier to set up and put away than larger, bulkier blenders

Portable - packs easily for travel


Pulverizes ice, frozen fruit, spinach, kale, and more

No lumps

Get nutrients from fruit peels like kiwi, apple, and orange

Make vitamin-rich smoothies in seconds


On-the-go convenience - Mixes in a 32 oz or 24 oz cup, both included

No excuse to skip meals

Quick, easy cleanup

MyBlender Pro makes smoothies right -

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“My old, bulky blender was a pain to take out and put away. I replaced it with this powerful little gem.” - Lisa K.

“I travel a lot. It’s easy to pack up and take it with me.” - Jeff S.

“It pulverizes kale, spinach, frozen fruits, and ice. I get no lumps, even when I add apple, kiwi, and orange peels.” - Michael P.

“It takes seconds to make a nutrient-rich smoothie.” - Alicia B.