Frank Mitchell, Copywriter

Dallas, TX, USA


Web Content ... Social Media ... Email Marketing ... Print Media ...

Persuasive copy to get more qualified leads ... It's an investment that pays for itself many times over!

Printed Copy and Online Content to Grow Your Business

These are just a few of the copywriting services available.

Home Page Content. SEO and sales conversion - Make a great site experience for your visitors and make contact with new leads.

Banner Ads or Text Ads. Get the most visitors to your online promotion page.

Pay-Per-Click or Adwords Copy. Drive more traffic to your landing page.

Lead-Gen Landing Pages. Instantly get warm, qualified leads.

"How-to" Guides. Show your customer how your product works.

Press Releases. It's not an ad - It's news. Probably the most awesome kind of marketing.

Video Scripts. Demos, how-to's, case studies, all kinds of video marketing.

Podcast Scripts. Make your online message captivating.

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