Frank L. Mitchell, Copywriter

Burleson, TX, USA

Frank L. Mitchell, Copywriter

Burleson, TX, USA

Marketing Resources

Marketing Resources

Here are some helpful marketing resources.

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Web Business Card

Get the PersonifyNow web card. It's more than a business card — it's an online marketing platform.

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Copywriting and Marketing Books

Here are some books about copywriting and marketing that I recommend.

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Books About Copywriting and Marketing

Kick the Competition to the Curb With Your Unique Selling Proposal (USP)

If you want to draw in readers' interest, you need to show them what you offer that your competitors don't.

Tell your audience about the great benefit that comes with your product or service.

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Your USP Sets You Apart From the Competition

My Pet Rock: The Dumbest Idea Ever... Or Was It?

It was 1975...

... The Fed raised the minimum wage from $2.00 to $2.10 per hour.

... The annual salary for an NFL football player was $56,000.

... The hit movies were Jaws, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Breakout, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

... And Gary Dahl marketed the Pet Rock. It was a silly idea that made millions of dollars.

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Gary Dahl Made Millions of Dollars Marketing Ordinary Rocks