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Puptastic Naturals - Premium Dog Treats Offer

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The product and persons mentioned or quoted are fictional.

Copywriting Sample: Premium Dog Treats

Copywriting Sample: Premium Dog Treats

[Envelope Teaser]:

Dog lovers everywhere are outraged… …Thousands of dogs have died… …It’s a disturbing discovery every responsible dog mom and dog dad should know…

Botulism… Salmonella… E. Coli… Is Your Dog Safe?

Dear Fellow Dog Parent:

You do a lot to protect your furry child… protecting against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes… heart worm prevention… intestinal parasites prevention… …

And you try feed your dog only the healthiest, most nutritious, highest-quality food…

But there’s a shocking truth that dog moms and dog dads are learning… and they are outraged…

A recent study from the Cornucopia Institute, a non-profit organization that promotes the integrity of Certified Organic farming, recently exposed some disturbing facts about commercial pet food….

-The FDA allows diseased and “downer” livestock (animals that have died before going to slaughter), in pet food.

-FDA testing has shown some pet food brands contained sodium pentobarbital, the drug used to euthanize pets. The likely reason, according to the study is that pets that have been put to sleep were used as a meat ingredient.

-Even expensive premium pet foods use cheap ingredients, and are loaded with chemical preservatives and additives.

Some common illnesses dogs may get from contaminated dog treats include:

Botulism. Caused by the bacteria clostridium botulinum, botulism is a serious food-borne illness. If your precious pup were to eat something contaminated with botulism, you would likely see symptoms such as these…

General weakness.

Paralysis of limbs.

Labored breathing.

Facial paralysis.

Difficulty swallowing.

If not treated, botulism can lead to respiratory failure and death.

Salmonella. If your dear companion were to get a treat contaminated with this you may see…


Diarrhea, sometimes with blood!


Lack of appetite.

Gurgling sounds from the stomach.

May appear listless and sluggish.

Severe dehydration.

Drooling or panting.

Symptoms appear in 72 hours. Other symptoms your canine companion may suffer from are…

Joint pain and stiffness

Redness and swelling of the eyes.

Frequent urination.

E. Coli. If dogs ingests e. coli, they show signs of serious illness…

Bloody diarrhea, sometimes severe.

Lack of appetite.




The FDA has recalled 10 pet food products in 2019… and we’re only half way through the year!

Too many dog treat makers get their ingredients from China and other foreign countries, where it is common to use diseased animals in their ingredients, exposing your canine companion to risk of disease!

-The FDA does not require pet food and treats to list where the ingredients come from…

-The FDA admits that it’s not able catch every breach of the law…

-The FDA does not know what caused thousands of dog illnesses and deaths after eating jerky treats made with ingredients from China…

Just saying “Made in the USA” on the label doesn’t prove that you can trust it.

“ Due to the competing priorities and resource limitations, government agencies cannot act against every violation of the law, The same is true of FDA’s enforcement of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.”

-From FDA Frequently Asked Questions about Veterinary Health.

We don’t want to be to be alarmists, but this is a serious problem…

Knowing this, are you uneasy about giving your faithful friend treats made by large companies that put profits ahead of pets? Well, we certainly are, and we’re doing something about it- not only for our own dogs, but for yours as well.

“Pet jerky treats, mostly imported from China, are now linked to more than 1,000 deaths in dogs, more than 4,800 complaints about animal illness, and, for the first time, sickness in three people who ate the products, federal health officials said Friday.

“But Food and Drug Administration officials say they still can't identify a specific cause for the reported illnesses or deaths, despite seven years of testing and investigation.”

Source: NBC News

Peace Of Mind

“There is so much confusion about natural dog treats that I’m grateful to have found your treats. Your ingredients are the real deal and I respect that you work with local farms that you inspect yourself.” -C. Dale

More than just “man’s best friend,” your dog is family. That’s why you can’t risk giving your beloved family member treats tainted with deadly pathogens or chemicals. Even many of the so-called natural products are recalled each month for tainted contents.

[Photo of the Cyruses and their four dogs, various breeds]

We’re Brenda and Glen Cyrus, both of us are veterinarians and pet nutritionists in Grayslake Illinois. Having four dogs in our own family, we’re serious about pet health and nutrition, and in 1990 we took our love of pets to the next level by founding Furry Friends Natural Products.

To us, it’s more than a business. It’s our goal to make the healthiest, tastiest pet food products in the world. But more importantly, we’re on a mission to make trustworthy pet products.

Built On Trust

“We’re proud to be one of the first veterinary clinics to carry your products, especially since we offer holistic and alternative pet care in addition to traditional medicine. We endorse only the healthiest, safest products, and Puptastic Naturals are at the top of our list of recommended treats.”

S. Karovski, DVM

It wasn’t easy starting up Furry Friends Natural Products.. tons of permits, licenses, registrations… federal, state, municipal requirements… finding the right location, hiring the right people…

…hire an attorney, an accountant…

…Get USDA Organic certified…

But we are passionate about earning trust from dog parents all over the USA…even the whole world. That made it worth it.

There are many makers of dog food and treats that are FDA and AFCO approved. We boast of our proven track record and reputation for success…

-In the 29 years we’ve been in business, we have consistently passed every FDA inspection with flying colors.

-We have never had a product recall.

-Veterinarians all over the country recommend our products for quality and consistency.

And we insist on organic ingredients from local Midwest farms…

[photo of cattle grazing in open range]

-We only get ingredients from farms with proven track records.

-They are family-owned farms that have been in the same family for generations.

-They never use hormones to grow their animals. Sometimes when a young animal becomes ill, it may need hormone treatment to become well. But they always make sure that they are all out of the animal’s body before sending it to market.

-They always go beyond the demands of every FDA inspection.

-We visit these farms in person to see their farming methods for ourselves.

Quality Treats You Can Trust

“It’s such a comfort to know I’m giving Bentley a healthy treat every time he sits patiently or comes when called. I think your Puptastic Naturals are fantastic! They certainly seem to help with Bentley’s training. A great incentive and reward. ☺”

-J. Jefferson

You have a lot of choices when it comes to treats for your beloved friend, but you need a treat you can trust. Responsible pet parents trust Puptastic Naturals® treats because Furry Friends Natural Products works tirelessly to get trustworthy ingredients…


-Lean poultry, lamb, liver, and beef.

-Brown rice.


-Green beans.


-Sweet potato.

We never use corn in our products, ever. Only a few breeds of dogs are likely to develop allergies to corn, but the ones that do suffer greatly…

-Itching and scratching

-Biting at itchy spots

-Continuous licking paws and other areas

-Skin and ear infections

Corn just isn’t a trustworthy ingredient, so we don’t use it. Period.

Puptastic Naturals® don’t contain…

-Artificial colors

-Artificial flavors


-Chemical preservatives

We do infuse them with Organic Vitamin E oil extracted from avocado, almond, apricot and wheat germ… all natural and organic, of course… Vitamin E oil keeps Puptastic Naturals® fresh for months and months, but we don’t think they will be around that long.

[Lift Note] Dear Brenda and Glen,

Last summer my schnauzer, Sammy, got salmonella after eating a treat made with cheap ingredients. I cried as we waited at the vet… he kept throwing up, and I was trying to comfort him. Hearing him squealing and sobbing while I kept telling him to pull through was just heartbreaking.

Luckily, the vet got Sammy through with the right antibiotics. But I swore that I was never going to let that happen again- we might no be so lucky next time.

About a week later, I took Sammy to a small, upscale pet boutique. I told the lady who worked there my story and asked if she could suggest a treat I could feel sure about. She took me to the treat isle and pointed out Puptastic Naturals.® Looking closer, I saw that they looked wonderful. I could see that they were firm, but not hard- just right for cleaning Sammy’s teeth without wearing down enamel.

The lady said, “open the bag and have a whiff.” I did, and they smelled heavenly. Sammy caught the aroma and the tail wagging had begun. I took one out and I saw that that they were bite sized. “These would be perfect for training treats,” I said. The lady nodded. “Let him try one,” she said. “Sit, boy,” I said to Sammy, and he immediately sat, looking up eagerly at his reward.

The greatest thing about them is that I know that I can rest assured that Sammy won’t get sick from a dog treat again as long as I only give him Puptastic Naturals.®


Sheila T. Austin, TX

For A Limited Time

Because we want to earn your trust, we would like to send you a Sampler Pack of Puptastic Naturals® completely FREE. But hurry, this offer expires on July 10th.

Just include the coupon below when you order a 32 oz box of Puptastic Naturals®, any flavor, for only $16.99.

That’s 32 ounces- Almost twice the amount you get for other natural brands at the same price!

And you can chose from five delicious tail-wagging flavors:






Our Sampler Pack comes with 75 treats, 15 of each flavor, a $20.00 value, absolutely FREE.

And while supplies last, we are giving away this beautiful set of dog food and water bowls, a $25.00 value ABSOLUTELY FREE.

[Photo of bowl set]

These decorative bowls are a great way to brighten up your dog’s feeding area- and may even brighten up your life.

You’ll want to place your order right away, because once the dog bowls are gone, they’re gone.

Act before June 30th and we’ll throw in a second 32 oz box in the flavor of your choice FREE. If ordering online or by phone, use the promo code: EARLY.

-Online- enter in EARLY (not case sensitive) in the Promo Code field on the right-hand side of the web order page.

-By phone- Just tell our Customer Service Specialist that you have the promo code EARLY to get your free additional box.

That’s right…if you are among the first to order, you get…

-A 32 oz box of Puptastic Naturals® dog treats in one of 5 delicious flavors of your choice for $16.99

-Free Sampler Pack of Puptastic Naturals dog treats featuring all 5 delicious flavors

-Order as many as you want, and if you order before June 30th, you’ll get an additional 32 oz box on us. You can choose the same flavor, or mix it up and try different flavors. Either way you get a 32 oz box of Puptastic Naturals® in any flavor you like…Free.

And we include free shipping (3-5 business days) to anywhere in the USA. Sorry, we can’t ship to APO/FPO. 

Our Guarantee

Try Puptastic Naturals® for 60 days. If for any reason your dog or you don’t think they’re the greatest natural treats you have ever tried, return the unused portion for a full refund. But keep the dog food and water bowl set as our free gift to you.

So why not send in your order right away? Or even better, go online to, or call 1-888-FRIENDS(374-3637) 9am to 6pm Eastern Time and get your delicious Puptastic Naturals® even sooner?

As you can see, there’s no reason not to act now. All of our staff members at Furry Friends Natural Products are eager to begin building a friendship of trust with YOU.

Warmest wishes for you and your furry family member,

Brenda Cyrus


Glen Cyrus


P.S. Puptastic Naturals are available at finer pet boutiques, whose owners believe in only providing trustworthy products as much as we do. But this offer is only valid for a limited time by ordering directly from us.


Free Sampler Pack

Puptastic Naturals

A $20.00 Value Just For Ordering Any 32 oz Box, Any Flavor.

Sampler Includes:

-15 Chicken

-15 Turkey

-15 Lamb

-15 Liver

-15 Beef

If you or your dog are not completely delighted with your made-with-integrity order, return the unused portion before 60 days for a full refund. But keep the set of dog food and water bowls as our free gift to you.

If ordering online or by phone, enter or mention the promo Code: SAMPLER

1-888-FRIENDS(374-3637) 9am to 6pm Eastern Time

[Order Device]

[] Yes, please send me a 32 oz box of Puptastic Naturals for only $16.99, that’s nearly twice the size I get from other brands at the same price.

[] I’ve included the coupon for my free Sampler Pack, a $20.00 value.

[] I’m placing my order before the June 30th deadline to get my second 32 oz box Free.

[] I understand that the Puptastic Naturals are fully guaranteed, and if my dog or I are not completely delighted with these tasty, healthy treats, I may return the unused portion for a full refund, no questions asked. I also understand that I may keep the Sampler Pack as a gift to me.

Qty                                            Flavor                               Price

___                                             Turkey                              $16.99

___                                             Chicken                           $16.99

___                                              Lamb                              $16.99

___                                              Liver                                $16.99

___                                              Beef                                 $16.99

                                                                              Subtotal ______

If Ordering 2 or more Before June 30th                           -$16.99

                                                                        Shipping        Free!

                                                                                      Total _______

 Billing Information






[Pictures Of Credit Cards]

Card Number CCV [?] [CCV is the 3 digit number near the right hand side of the signature box on the back of the card]

Shipping Address

[] Same as Billing





Why wait? Shipping is free, but it can take a few days to process a mail order. So why not order online at

And of course, our friendly Customer Service staff will be happy to take your order. Just call 1-888-FRIENDS(374-3637) 9am to 6pm Eastern Time.

Be sure to enter or mention the promo code: SAMPLER. and if you’re taking advantage of the Second box free before the June 30th deadline, just enter or mention the promo code: EARLY.