Frank Mitchell, Direct Response Copywriter

The Stick (Welcome) Letter

The goal of the stick letter is to promote customer satisfaction and to make sure the sale sticks.

The CTA for the stick letter is to get the buyer to start using the product.

From: Rebecca Matter, The Barefoot Writer Club

Subject: It’s Time to Start Your Career As a Barefoot Writer.

Congratulations on Becoming a Barefoot Writer

Dear [Name]:

Welcome! You are now a member of The Barefoot Writer Club. You have taken an important step in making a well-paid writing career for yourself.

The bonus materials we promised will soon arrive to your inbox. They contain a lot of valuable information and advice to get you started -

The stick letter promotes satisfaction after the sale.

The stick letter promotes satisfaction after the sale.

-The Smart Start Writing Program.

-The $500 Email Secret.

-The Secret of the 1 - Hour Work Week.

-Get Paid to Surf the Web.

-The Lazy Writer’s Path to a Six-Figure Income!

-Get Paid to Take Your Next Vacation.

-130 Amazing Perks and Freebies for Barefoot Writers!

And now you can enter into The Barefoot Writer Club’s exclusive online “clubhouse.” All you have to do is log in to the members area of From there you can -

-Watch instructional videos

-Enter the latest writing contest for a chance to win $100.

-Read back issues of the Barefoot Writer magazine.

And you can enter any time, day or night.

You’ll also want to be sure to join The Barefoot Writer Facebook group here and write a post to introduce yourself.

There’s a lot of great material here. And you’re now connected with other Barefoot Writers who are eager to share advice, tips and tricks to help you move your writing business forward.

Take in as much as you can at your own pace. You will get the most from The Barefoot Writer Club if you work with the resources every day, or a least 4 or 5 days a week. So come on - let’s get started!


Rebecca Matter

The Barefoot Writer Club

P.S Be sure to log in to the members area on The Barefoot Writer website and join Barefoot Writer Facebook group. That way you can connect with other members who can help you move your writing career forward.