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Prep for Sale Email

The Prep for Sale introduces the reader to the product. The CTA links to your online sales letter (which I can write for you).

From: Pam Foster, The Barefoot Writer Club

Subject: Stop Dreaming, Start Writing Now

Dear Writer:

The demand for new copywriters is growing fast. Businesses large and small are increasing their online presence. Expansion of the Web means a shortage of skilled writers to fill the increasing demand for new content:

-Web pages

-Online Sales Letters

-Email Marketing



-Social Media Posts

They don’t need just any writers, they need writers with the right skills.

Don’t let that slow you down. You can get great copywriting skills with the help of an exclusive worldwide writers’ club. Members are eager to share their experience, give great advice, and share tips and secrets to writing and selling winning copy.

The Barefoot Writer Club has helped thousands of writers launch their copywriting careers.

If you ever dream of writing for a living…

If you want to be your own boss…

If you want to make a good living working from home, or anywhere else you want…

The Barefoot Writer Club might be for you.

I invite you click the link below to read the story about how The Barefoot Writer Club is changing lives - giving people freedom and wealth.


Pam Foster

The Barefoot Writer Club

P.S. Starting a new career as a writer is easier when you have support from other Barefoot Writers. The Barefoot Writer Club has helped thousands of writers turn their dream into reality. You can learn about a few of them here.