Frank Mitchell, Direct Response Copywriter

The following is a sales presentation for an information product that has not yet been created, but I might build it soon.

I gave this presentation to the Burleson Toastmasters Club on October 2, 2023.

Improve Your Memory in Only 14 Days

Ace Your Next Exam with a "Cheat Sheet" Inside Your Brain

Memory Techniques So Effective, It's Like Having a "Cheat Sheet"  Inside Your Brain

The Cure for the No-Pass-No-Play Blues

I want to tell you about a high school student named Jimmy.

Jimmy is a star quarterback for the Varsity football team. His team has had a successful season, and the whole school is excited about the playoffs for the State championship.

As the star quarterback, their success in the playoffs depends a lot on Jimmy, but there’s a problem…

You see, Jimmy hasn’t been getting very good grades, and if he doesn’t improve, he might not be allowed to play.

This has his teammates, his coaches, and even the whole school concerned. It’s a solid team, but without Jimmy, they might not win.

The head coach called Jimmy into his office.

Another student was there when Jimmy arrived.

“Jimmy, let me introduce you to Todd,” the coach said, “He’s an Honors student and I think he can help you get your grades up.”

“But I’ve already tried private tutoring,” Jimmy protested, “I’ve tried everything. I’m just not smart enough.”

“You’re smarter than you think,” Todd said.

“It’s not your fault, Jimmy. And don’t believe the lie that you just need to apply yourself more.

“I haven’t always been on the Honor Roll. In fact, I struggled with my grades for a long time. I constantly disappointed my teachers and I absolutely dreaded having my parents sign my report card. I was ashamed because all the other kids in my class thought I was stupid.

“I couldn’t accept that. I knew there must be a secret that the smart kids were keeping from everyone else. And there was...

“The reason the ‘smart kids’ got such good grades is because they had a cheat sheet that was hidden so well, no one… I mean no one… could find it.”

Memorization Techniques: The Hidden "Cheat Sheet" 

Jimmy began to perk up. “But if I get caught with a cheat sheet, the teachers will embarrass me in front of the class, and I get a big, fat zero on the test.”

“It’s not technically cheating,” Todd said. “Because the ‘smart kids’ hide the cheat sheets in their minds. Only they can see it.”

“That’s not fair,” Jimmy said.

“It sure isn’t,” Todd said, “but that’s how the system works. Some people have an eidetic memory. That is, they can recall things so clearly that they can ace any quiz without much effort. That’s why everyone thinks they’re so smart.”

Memory Techniques Proven to Increase Memory Recall by as Much as 200%

“That’s not much help,” Jimmy said, “I don’t have that whatchamacallit memory.”

“You don’t need it,” Todd said. “There’s a memory course that can help you improve recall. It’s called Boost Your Grades in 14 Days with a 'Cheat Sheet Inside Your Head.”


“Yes, and it was only after I learned the memorization methods, known as mnemonics, that my grades began to improve. By the end of the semester, I was getting mostly As and Bs. The next semester, I became a straight-A student.”

“That’s amazing. But I don’t think it’ll work for me.”

“Sure it will. The methods in the course are proven to improve memory recall by as much as 200%. 

Famous People Use Memorization Techniques (Mnemonics) to Get Ahead

Todd Continued,

“Famous actors like Will Smith and Jim Carrey have been using the techniques for decades to memorize scripts and dialogues quickly.

“Mega-geniuses like Bill Gates and Elon Musk use these recall methods to remember everything from technological concepts to chess.”

“Sounds amazing,” Jimmy said. “But 14 days? Won’t I have to put in a lot of late nights to learn this stuff?”

“Not at all,” Todd said. “If you can set aside about 30 minutes a day, I have no doubt that you’ll see a dramatic improvement in memory recall in time for the midterms.”

“Cool, how do I get started?” Jimmy asked.

Todd answered, “Go to [URL TBD] and create your account. You’ll get instant access to 14 course modules that you can work through at your own pace.

In these course modules you’ll learn:

  • The mnemonic techniques that the Roman statesman, Cicero used to memorize complex legal arguments and speeches.
  • The ancient Memory Palace technique the Greek poet Simonides of Ceos developed and used to memorize 40 names in a eulogy for victims of a building collapse.
  • A powerful method to memorize vocabulary words
  • A little-known secret to recalling historical facts and dates.
  • The easy way to remember complex mathematical formulas.

The Affordable Way to Improve Memory Recall and Ace Your Exams

“I’ll bet a course like that is expensive,” Jimmy said.

“You’d think so,” said Todd. “The recall methods can help you succeed long after high school and college. That could bring you opportunities you never thought possible. That makes it a super bargain, even at the full retail price of $199.99. But the student discount rate of $49.99, available for a limited time, makes it a steal.”

“What if I spend fifty bucks for it and my grades don’t improve?” Jimmy asked.

“If Boost Your Grades in 14 Days with a 'Cheat Sheet Inside Your Head can work for me, it can work for anyone. But it comes with a money-back guarantee. Try it out, and if you’re not delighted with the results, request a refund within 30 days of purchase and you’ll get back every penny — no questions asked.”

“What’s the website again?”

“It’s [URL TBD].”

“Just think about how delighted your teammates are gonna be when they hear you’ll be going to State with us,” the coach said.

“Yeah. Thanks for introducing us, coach.”