Frank Mitchell, Direct Response Copywriter

Freight, Trucking, and Transportation

13 Years In the Industry

Yes, I've driven a big truck!

I've also worked for years in the industry behind the desk. The trucking business is pretty complex.

Think about it: a large national trucking company has thousands of trucks moving freight all over the North American continent. That's a lot to manage.

- A lot of shippers schedule appointments for freight pickup. You have to make sure that there are a truck and trailer in the area that can make the appointment on time.

- Customers expect their shipments to be delivered on time. You have to find a driver that can make on-time delivery.

- The Department of Transportation regulates the number of hours that a driver can drive. When the hours run out, the driver must take a break for a minimum of 10 hours. So you have to make sure you have drivers that have enough hours available.

I Write For the Trucking Industry

I Write For the Trucking Industry

Now I Write About Trucking

My first paid writing gig as a freelance copywriter was for an entrepreneur who developed shipping quote apps for e-commerce merchants.

He had a problem finding good writers. And what's worse, he couldn't find writers that knew anything about trucking.

He needed a couple of blog posts - one about third-party logistics (3PL) and another about less-than-truckload shipping (LTL).

Samples of Writing About Trucking and Freight

My client owns the rights to the actual blog posts I've written for him, so these samples are new content covering the same topics.